Avoiding Comfort Zones

Experts on thinking tell us that people normally think the same things day after day after day after day. Their thought patterns have worn very deep ruts into their neural synapses and they rarely stray from “safe” and “comforting” thoughts, even if they are worries or concerns.

I am the opposite. Where I may shy away from the thrills associated with sky-diving, hang-gliding, and the like, I enjoy going into mental concepts and constructs that are out-of-the-ordinary.

Normally, when people encounter non-traditional world-views that cause theirs to go “pear-shaped”, they step back, shake their head, and go another direction.

I love my mind going pear-shaped! The sense of stepping through a portal and waking in a different dimension, some parallel universe where “up” and “down” are bizarre concepts waiting for you to decide what direction, if any, to which they might refer.

Reality IS what you conceive. It stems from your mind and your concepts and your judgments. Your world can only be as rich and diverse as you allow it to be.

Most feel safe within the small confines of their reality. You know, those same eight corners of the box they call a universe?

Step out! Live a little on the wild side! Grab hold of your hat and a firm handrail.

Open your mind and watch the pear shape forming.

And rejoice in the freedom.


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