Although I have maintained my existence for many years plying a trade in accounting, writing has always been my first love. And though I would rather make my living through that endeavor, it has not come to pass. Thirty books later, I have finally gotten published. All I had to do was start a publishing company.

Many years ago, I would have had to shovel out a rather large bale of cash to get self-published but today it can be done digitally, and at no cost or overhead. Throwing caution to the wind (as if I ever had any of that sort of thing), I agreed to take on the publishing task for a group of writers in the D.C. Metro area and get them the publishing they deserved. Of course, it now cuts into the time I would normally be writing but I suppose it is a small price to pay.

Now I am learning about the marketing side of the publishing business. Yes, it IS nice to have your book in “print” but if nobody hears about it, what good is it. And the open market system is getting crowded with so many new writers finding their venue.

So, as usual, only the good writing will find a following. Now, if I only had the time to get some of my own stuff up and into the market…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. It is not easy for me, the process of writing, but I do enjoy doing it. Your blog concept intrigues me and your style is crisp and inviting. I’ve become a follower. Thanks.

  2. The process of writing may not come easily to you but I enjoyed reading several of your posts. There seems a sense of melancholy in them. I particularly enjoyed the one about your grandfather. Mine, too, could captivate the room with his tales. Perhaps Slovenia was not too far removed from West Texas.

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