the Myth of Re-Branding


It is very “trendy” today for businesses to “modernize” their logo and attempt to bring their companies into the 21st century, to make them hip and happening places.

Unfortunately, too many businesses think this is THE answer.

I mean as opposed to actually changing their business model.

It is the management’s version of plastic surgery and we all know how well that has gone for several celebrities. It may look really good for now, but as time progresses… And then you need more plastic surgery to “correct” things.

That’s a Lose-Lose agenda.

Years ago the U.S. Postal Service spent somewhere around $20M to get new logos and a re-branding facelift.

Other than the marketing firm that got the windfall, nothing much changed. It was a poor use of funds and a very stupid move by management.

But not only giant dinosaurs make that mistake. Smaller fish have wasted a lot of revenue to fall into the same trap.

Re-branding usually only works well if it reflects a new business model as well.

Old decrepit bodies do not look well even if the face is shiny and youthful.