Inspirations and Ideas


I have been very fortunate in the jobs I have had over the years. And there has been a wide variety of them even so.

But they have primarily been “left-brain” work, very analytical stuff. So while my left-brain has been occupied getting the job done, my right-brain has been able to indulge itself in unfettered flights of fancy.

And I have learned to keep a small notebook with me at all times to jot down the ideas as they come.

Somedays I may not have any inspirations but other days I run on for page after page.

I’ve checked and, yes, it has a lot to do with planetary positions and bio-rhythms.

Still, my wife wonders why I bother to keep all these ideas as I already have over a thousand book ideas outlined.

But I still keep accumulating them and they have sometimes helped me combine two different concepts into one, better, story.

Gee, only six hundred books now…


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